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Jeremy Neal - Director

Jeremy Neal comes to the Livonia Stevenson Marching Band with 18 years of combined marching and teaching experience.  Before coming to the Stevenson Marching Band as the Colorguard Instructor, Jeremy taught and was a tech at multiple other schools in the southeastern Michigan school districts.  During Jeremy’s earlier years with marching band, he marched with the Wayne Memorial Marching band and in the winter marched with the winterguard group Tetyjan, who won first place at State Championships and second place multiple years after that.  After high school Jeremy went on to march with the Blue Devils (2006 The Godfather Part Blue), Madison Scouts (2007 Funeral for a Friend) and was a fill in with the Cavilers (2009 The Great Divide).
Jeremy found his love for marching band the first time he visited the Big House and got to see the University of Michigan Marching Band take the football field at halftime.  Back in those days you could get in to the stadium at half time for free.  Almost every home game, Jeremy’s grandmother would load the kids in the car and take them to the stadium, not only to witness the pure glory of the stadium but to watch the marching band.  In middle school when it was time to choose what classes you wanted, Jeremy was signed up for choir instead of a band class (he was on vacation with his grandparents and his mom just played eeny, meeny, miny, mo with the class schedule).  In 1999, Jeremy decided to start his career as part of the colorguard with his high school marching band.
Currently, along with teaching colorguard, Jeremy works at the University of Michigan as a Senior Clinical Administrator.  Jeremy has acquired multiple degrees in the medical field and will be finishing his last one.  Outside  of marching band and work Jeremy loves to travel, listen to all different types of music and play with his dog Loki..

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